Every Monday night from 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. volunteers from the Riverdale Church of Christ and members from sister congregations (Church of Christ) ride buses into the inner city communities to transport children to various learning centers. This program is called the Inner City Ministry. It is a program to reach out to children living within the inner city housing projects. The purpose of this ministry is to teach children about Jesus Christ at a very early age. Many of these children come from single-parent families, living in high crime areas infested with drugs, gangs, and poverty.

The mission is to introduce them to Jesus Christ so they can grow up to be Christians and change the communities in which they live. Riverdale is one of several learning centers used on Monday nights to teach these children.  These children range in grades 2 - 5th.

Other  buses run every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights picking up children from the inner city communities. Riverdale is involved in the inner city bus ministry on Monday nights of each week.




The inner city children being fed by volunteers on the patio at Riverdale

Kids being taught in class at Riverdale

Volunteers waiting for the kids to arrive for the cookout

Kids having devotion and learning new songs about Jesus

 Volunteers eating with the kids at a picnic

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